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Rose Bowl – How To Watch Rose Bowl Game Live Online On ESPN Network

rose bowl

Rose Bowl – “The Granddaddy of Them All”

Often known as the Rose Bowl, this an American college football bowl game played annually typically on New Year’s Day (January 1) at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California. In the event New Year’s Day is a Sunday, the game is played January second, and this has happened for fifteen times now. This tournament is nicknamed “The Granddaddy of Them All” since it is the oldest bowl game, with the first game played in 1902 as the Tournament East-West football game. Ever since 1916, the event has been played annually, and from 1945 it has always recorded the highest attendance for a college football bowl game. Moreover, this event is part of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association’s “America’s New Year Celebration” that also includes the famous and historic Rose Parade.

Everything you need to know more about Rose Bowl game.

Stadium: Rose Bowl
Location: Pasadena, California
Previous locations: Durham, North Carolina.
Payout: US$35 million/conference.
Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association (1902, 1916–1998)
Sponsors: Northwestern Mutual (2015–2020)
TV Network: ESPN TV Channel.

Ever since 2015, Northwestern Mutual has been the sponsor to this tournament that is officially referred to as the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual. Furthermore, the game was known as the College Football Playoff semifinal at the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual in both 2015 and 2018. Preceding sponsors include AT&T(1999-2002), Sony/PlayStation 2(20030, Citi92004-2010) and Vizio(2011-2014).

Usually, the Rose Bowl Game has been the host to the conference champions from Pac-12 and the Big Ten conferences and its predecessors. However in 2002 as a result of its past and present association in two confederations which seek to decide a national champion in Division I FBS, the Rose Bowl started occasionally deviating from its regular match-up order to facilitate championship games. Under the Bowl Championship Series system for the 2001 and 2005 football seasons, the Rose Bowl was chosen as the championship game, hosting the two best teams as determined by the BCS system. Since 2015, the game of roses has been a part of College Football Playoff hosting one of its semifinal matches every three years, and for the non-playoff years, the Rose Bowl goes back to the traditional Pac-12/Big Ten matchup.

How much is Rose Bowl game tickets?

The upcoming Rose Bowl game average resale price of $627 a ticket.

What channel is the Rose Bowl Parade on?

The 129th Rose Parade will be televised at 8 a.m. PST, on Monday, January 1, 2019 presented by Honda.

How many floats are in the Rose Bowl Parade?

Rose Parade 2019 will be featured 44 floats.

Why is it called the Rose Bowl?

The Rose Bowl is the oldest college football bowl game. The Tournament of Roses Parade presented by Citi is known as the “Granddaddy of them all” America’s New Year Celebration” held in Pasadena, California each year on New Year’s Day. The first game was presented on January 1, 1902 then called the Tournament East-West football game.

Sponsorship and Broadcasting Rights for Rose Bowl

For lots of years, the Rose Bowl shunned sponsorship until1999 when AT&T started funding it, thus getting to be known as “The Rose Bowl presented by AT&T.” In contrast to other bowl games, the sponsor is added just as a presenter and not to the title of the game. From there on, Play Station 2, Citi, Vizio sponsored the Rose bowl from 2002 to 2014, after which the financial services provider Northwestern Mutual became its new presenting sponsor.

It was in 1952 that the bowl was first shown in national television, the first college game of any sport to be televised and this was done by NBC at 2 P.M PST. Moreover, in the majority of those years, it was the only bowl airing on New Year’s Day, with 1962 becoming the first time it was broadcasted in color.

From 1989 to 2010, ABC has been broadcasting the Rose Bowl usually at 2 P.M PST, with 2005 the being the first time it was aired on HDTV. Despite a majority of other bowls having their broadcasting rights with FOX, Rose Bowl decided to stick with ABC. Starting from the 2010 season on wards, ESPN, which is mostly owned by ABC airs all the CFP/BCS games which include the Rose Bowl game. The deal between ESPN and Rose Bowl is worth reportedly $80 million per annul, with Northwestern Mutual being the presenting sponsor until 2020.

How to Watch 2019 Rose Bowl Game Live Without Cable

This semifinal match for the College Football Playoff (CFP) will be 105th Rose Bowl Game and will take at the Rose Bowl stadium, Pasadena, California on January 1, 2019. The winner will go on and get to compete in the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship game, being one of the matches finishing the 2018 FBS football season. Therefore for those without cable, do not worry, this must watch a game is available for live streaming on your smart TVs, phones or tablets so long as the internet connection is there. The options available include PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, Hulu Live, Direct TV thus you will not miss any action.

Can I Watch Rose Bowl Game on ESPN

Watching the Rose Bowl Game on ESPN is now made easy by ESPN with its new ESPN+ channel. Charging a monthly fee of $4.99 or $50 annually, ESPN makes sure you do not miss out on this massive sporting event and always being up to date. Furthermore, numerous college football games are available for live streaming thus excellent internet connectivity being the only vital thing you must have. Other sports are also featured in this channel for live streaming with the ESPN+ working on Apple, Android, Roku players, Chromecast gadgets and last but not least, Amazon Fire TV.

Rose Bowl on Roku

If you own a Roku player, ESPN channels are available thereby you should be able to stream live the Rose Bowl Game. To get access to the live games, you must load your Roku player with the ESPN application, and after subscribing, you instantly get access to ESPN+ channels. Moreover, these channels, besides, to live games bring you game highlights, sports news, full replays, and clips. The live events are split into two categories namely Exclusively on ESPN+ and Upcoming Live on ESPN+ thus allowing you an easier time while selecting the matches you want to watch. The main channels here are ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN DEportes, ESPNU, and ESPNews.

Rose Bowl Game Pass on DirecTV

In comparison to the rest of the streaming services, DirecTV despite being a little bit expensive has more channels available; thus you will get to watch the Rose Bowl Game conveniently.

The “Live A Little” pan which is the cheapest package offered charges a monthly fee of $35 and sixty channels are available to stream. Moreover, the numerous ESPN sports channels found here include ESPNEWS, ESPNU, ESPN and ESPN2 among other channels offered by other broadcasters.

Once you sign up, DirecTV offers you a week free trial period and if you find it an excellent deal, start paying at least 35 dollars monthly for its cheapest plan.

Hulu Live

Upon subscription to this plan at a monthly fee of $39.99 for 55 channels, you get to watch the Rose Bowl Game on the ESPN channels present. Additionally, after signing up, a seven day trial period is given before a monthly fee can start being charged depending on whether you find this necessary. In spite of being in its beta phase, Hulu Live gets to bring you a majority of the college football games for your entertainment.

Along these college football live games, other shows present in this plan include game highlights and live interviews on ESPNU, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU. Furthermore, to get DVR functionality, you must pay an extra fee.

PlayStation Vue

Numerous plans are available in PlayStation Vue with the number of channels changing depending on the package you select. However, for the sports fan, the entry-level “Access” plan is ideal and costs 39.99 dollars per month. Additionally, the widespread notion that PlayStation Vue is just for gamers is entirely wrong since using it you can stream the Rose Bowl Game with much ease and convenience while at your home.

Upon signing up, you are given a free five day risk-free trial period, and if you like its broadcasting, you can commence paying on its cheapest plan with an assortment of ESPN channels.

Sling TV

Streaming the Rose Bowl Game using Sling TV is another great way to watch this match in spite of this company having a lot fewer deals in comparison to other local broadcasters. The Slim Blue option is the cheapest plan and costs $25 availing to you around 45 channels.

Nevertheless, to get ESPN channels are not available on the cheapest Sling TV plan thereby necessitating you to pay an additional $15 to get the Sling Orange + Blue package. Subsequently, you will get to watch channels like ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3 smoothly by streaming, even the Rose Bowl Game. For an extra 5 dollars for the Sports Extra channel, you get ESPNEWS and ESPN Goal Line for the Rose bowl game.